Digital Launch: a cutting edge development and management firm that designs and implements innovative strategies to effectively market product and talent through both the hard goods and digital commerce landscape. Headquartered in New York, the firm consults on business operations and development strategies, brand equity, event activations, marketing campaigns, visual presence, social media influence and product development.

To grow successfully today; businesses need to do more than keep up — they must predict future trends and anticipate the evolution of their audience. Empowering our clients to understand their consumers needs by embracing new technologies and methodologies, results in getting new and innovative products and services to market faster. 

Today consumers are becoming more and more discerning, Digital Launch deliver measurable results to clients by being relentlessly creative in keeping users engaged. Digital Launch provides our managed clients with tremendous branding, endorsement and development opportunities and our corporate clients with the most comprehensive marketing campaigns, designed to touch the core of the targeted consumer.