Managing Director

Like his father, Elis was blessed with the ability to play various instruments, and to read and write music. Elis scored numerous successes producing for the likes of Stevie B, Brenda K Starr, George Lamond, Red Man & Method Man, Brand Nubian and others.

After scoring numerous gold records for his production work, Elis started a management company, Pay Up Management, with long time friend Mickey Bentson. Pay Up Management achieved great success developing the careers of Fat Joe, Ice T, Big Pun and many others. With a natural marketing ingenuity, Elis was able to take his stable of talent and synergistically create marketing campaigns and endorsement opportunities with several major brands in the form of TV commercials, product endorsements, print and digital media campaigns, etc. i.e.: Carmen Electra and HCG Platinum, Quaker State Motor Oil and Fat Joe, Beyonce and Airtel Calling Cards, Vida Guerra and Sprint, Ice-T and Random House Books, etc.

As the market started to become digital dominant and the larger ad agencies didn’t have their fingers on the pulse of who and what was resonating, Elis aligned himself with some of the key taste makers in the digital world and mobile space, top television and sports talent, and all key editorial web sites and created a global pipeline through Digital Launch that has the ability to brand clients, seek endorsement deals, and disseminate messages with pinpoint accuracy and precision.