Pay It Forward.

Digital Launch empowers Foundations, Family Offices and Philanthropic endeavors to stay on brand, harness and build the power of their audience using storytelling, content development, campaign engagement, relationship development and sphere of influence development due to our core understanding of digital and terrestrial marketing and brand best practices.

Typically, most Nonprofits and Family Offices are not known for having highly conductive marketing strategies. The ones that are successful with their campaigns are the ones that really encourage the audience to spread their mission by sharing their personal experiences and stories with the Brand. This positive influence and Brand conversation fosters growth and true mission penetration in a way that traditional messaging does not. Through the proper use of the Social Media, Digital tools and platforms a Brand supports all other efforts with in the lifecycle of promotional, marketing and cause-based campaigns.


Our Philanthropy and Family Office Services Include:

•        Enhance Your Foundation's Narrative

•        Establish Diversified Income Streams

•        Create Significant Millennial Engagement

•       Market Targeted Initiatives and Campaigns

•        Collaborate Between Likeminded  Foundation Partners

•        Engage High Net Worth Philanthropists

•        Educate Your Current and Prospective Donor Base